SMK Chung Hua July 2006

1st July 2006 (Contributed by Anthony Yeo)
Led by Govarthanan Gangatharan (Govan), some 15 students from the Geography Club of SMK Chung Hua, Miri participated in a field trip to learn the geological features of the Miri Airport Road outcrop on July 1st, 2006. The students were accompanied by their teachers Puan Yeoh, Encik Robert.

The participants were introduced to:
- a basic understanding of rock types
- the layering concept of geology
- an awareness of faults and their causes
- how rocks are dated and a knowledge of the age of the Miri Formation
- understanding the role of the outcrop in Miri's Oil history

The field trip coincided with a project that the Geography students were preparing. There were positive interactions and discussions between the participants and the excursion leaders on the geology of the outcrop, with the students displaying interest in the subject matter that were brought up.

The Outcrop is about two kilometers from the town center along the way to Miri Airport. It offers one of the most outstanding geological exposures in the region. In particular, it has been hailed by some as one of the best outcrops in the world for the observation of faults in three dimensions. Many geological field trips to the site have been made by the various petroleum companies operating in the area. In addition, the site has attracted scholars from Universities both in the region and from Europe. Its location on one of the highest points in Miri town also offers visitors a panoramic view of the city and its surroundings. In pursuing logistics aspects, linkage to development aspirations of the community and the Government have been a key area of focus as is maintenance of the outcrop over time.

Miri happens to be the site of Malaysia's first commercial oilfield, discovered in 1910. Its wide range of distinguishing geological exposures are enough to satiate the tastes of both technical professions as well as casual nature lovers.

The Miri Council has been very supportive of this initiative and has requested the Miri Tourism Board to work together with the group to help promote the site as one of Miri's touristic destinations.

The Miri Outcrop Museum Group consists of volunteers keen in the preservation of natural exposures as permanent geological exhibits that also support educational and eco-/geo-tourism efforts. The group was set up in 1998 with the objectives to :
· Preserve key geological outcrops in and around Miri
· Make these easily accessible & provide appropriate information
· Encourage educational tours for schools, tourists, public
· Work with appropriate bodies (MMC) for sustainability
· Link with tour operators, added attractions for Miri
· Link with institutes of higher learning.

It is the Group's hope that more schools will take up the opportunity to explore the geology in their backyards. For further information, please contact :
Govan 085-452073 (Office) or Sim Ko Sin (085-452513).



Updated: 28th July 2006

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