Excursion - SMK Lopeng Tengah, Miri

Miri, Saturday, 7th February 2004
Some 19 students and 2 teachers from SMK Lopeng Tengah Miri participated in the first Airport Road Outcrop excursion of 2004!

It was a very good outing. The explanations were good with extensive use of examples and sketches. The students certainly showed interests. And the pictures are certainly going to impress. One student actually did very well in answering the last question of the exercise where he is required to sketch a picture of the outcrop. If I'm not mistaken there were 19 students (Form 4) and 2 teachers (geography and english teachers) who walked from the school nearby - 30min. I was also impressed with the general behaviour of the students. they even had a home made banner for the trip - a lot of enthusiasm. At the end, the teachers asked the students to hand in a short write up. I promised that the a selected few would be put on the website together with the pictures. I'll follow up on that. The teachers were happy and might even bring other classes back.
The set of pictures below will show just how much discussion (and heat) there was.

Teachers: .......
Students: .......
Excursion guides: Lee Bor Seng, Navpreet Singh, Hong Chin Weng, Louis Poh
Click here for the feedback writeup from the SMK Lopeng Group

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