SMK Riam Excursion

17 March 2001
22 students and 4 teachers from SMK Riam braved the rainy weather to get a taste of geology at the Miri Airport Road outcrop. We almost had to cancel the excursion as at the start time of 0800 hrs, the rain was pouring down and fast flowing streams of water were everywhere on the hillslopes. Luckily, a break in the clouds after about 15 minutes suggested that it might be worthwhile to wait a little. In the end we started about a half hour late but the rain had reduced to only a slight drizzle.

The Outcrop Museum volunteers today were : Norzita Mat Fiah, Anthony Yeo, Lai Soo Khuan and Philip Lesslar.

The students had a lot of questions which led to quite a number of detailed discussions as the following pictures show. The weather continued to improve and with the early rain, it was a nice and cool day to learn some geology. In addition to the guided tour, the students were asked to do an exercise that would require them to pick up information along the way and finish off with a sketch of one of the main faults at the bottom of the outcrop.

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Group Picture The Borneo Post, 2nd April 2001

Rainy start

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Clearing a little

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First Wave


Norzita's Intro

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Clearing more

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To the rocks

Rock talk

Lai (red cap)


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Wave ripples

Fault lines

Fault displacement

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