Excursion - SMK St Columba, Miri

Miri, Saturday, 31st March 2001
Some 20 students and 3 teachers from SMK St Columba Miri gathered in the heat of the early morning sun to bravely explore one of Miri's geological treasures.!
And what a hot 2 hours it was. Although that did not stop the flow of enthusiasm and questions from this very lively group.
The set of pictures below will show just how much discussion (and heat) there was.

Teachers: Ms Tan Lee Chien, Ms Loh and Ms Anisa.
Students: Billy Lau, Sim Mun How, Law Kok Wei, Eileena J., Philip Leong, Felicia Cheong, Nicole Kuek, Leon Tan, Chan Chee Yin, Gerald Lai, Hee Hui Jiun, Leong Chee Onn, Sharon Huang , Alex Wong, Stephanie Goh, Rachel Ugas, Wong Lynn Wei, Ameilia Machael, Ng Tze Chang, Florence
Excursion guides: Norzita Mat Fiah, Anthony Yeo, Lee Bor Seng, Philip Lesslar

And as it's past midnight now, my writing skills are a little run down so I'm going to stop the words here. Have fun going thru the pictures. Signed: Philip Lesslar, 01 Apr 2001, 12.11 am

Feedback from the Group dated 22nd Arpil 2001

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