Excursion - Youth Camp

2nd November 2001
Led by Norzita Fat Fiah and Lee Bor Seng.
About 50 students from various schools came in two batches accompanied by facilitators of the youth camp. The first group arrived at 9.00 am and the second group arrived at about 10.30am. The first group was led by Norzita and when the second group arrived she was not finished with the first group. Since the second batch was not planned for, Bor Seng came to the rescue by bravely leading the group for the first time. Finally at 12 noon both Norzita & Bor Seng said their good-byes to the participants.

Subsequent feedback we received from the organisers of the youth camp were very positive and the children found it very interesting coming into contact with geology.

A brief explanation
on geology
more briefing... At Poster 1: Intro &
Regional Geology of Miri
Explaining sea level
rise and drop
A brief explanation
about sandstone
Illustrating the dynamics
of earth tectonics
Preparing to
draw the fault
the fault
Pointing out a
clear example of
a normal fault
Example of
fractures filled
with ferrous oxide
Listing the
requirements for
A closer look
at the faults.

Updated: 14th March 2002

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