The Miri Geological Outcrops Museum Project

Miri Airport Road Outcrop

To date we have completed work on the Airport Road Outcrop and since 2000, have conducted several gelogical excursions to the outcrop, mostly for secondary school children. This section gives a summary of what the excursion is about, the preparation suggestions and logistic requirements.

What is the Geological Excursion ?
This is a tour of approximately 1-1.5 hours of the outcrop starting at the top of the hill (at poster 1) and covers an explanation of the regional geological aspects, the relationship to hydrocarbons in Miri and why the outcrop is one of the most significant in the country (and in the world). The tour continues down the outcrop (Posters 2 & 3) focussing on the geological details, the extensive fault system in the outcrop, sedimentary structures, trace fossils etc. These tours are conducted by a group of volunteers (there will be at least 2 normally) and are therefore done during weekends and public holidays.

At the start of the excursion, we hand out to all participants, an exercise that needs to be completed by the end of the session. Successful completion of this exercise requires attention to the discussions, observing the surrounding rocks, asking questions and doing some sketching of the key faults.

Pictures will be taken during the excursion and these will be posted up at this website, the intention being to create interest, allow students to download these pictures for their projects write up and make this effort successful.

Who to contact
This effort is coordinated by Philip Lesslar. Please send me an email at
I'm currently based in Houston, Texas and if you like you can call me at : +1-281-701-8834.

Excursion Checklist
- Bring along raincoat and / or umbrella
- hats / caps
- Paper and pen / pencil to take notes, make drawings (a clipboard would be ideal)
- Drinking water (it can get a bit hot and we definitely want to prevent dehydration)
- Person (teacher) in charge of the group to provide handphone numbers
- First aid kit
- For a group of 20 students / children 2-3 teachers / adults (at least. More's welcome)
- Some may want to consider long sleeve shirts / blouses

There are steep sides and high enough drops to cause serious injury. Therefore, all participants must stay with the group and not wander off on their own.

Meeting Point
Meeting point is at the top of the hill (old road that is used for jogging now) just by Poster 1

Cost of the Excursion
The excursion does not cost anything.
The aim of this excursion is to promote an awareness of the significance of what we have around us here in Miri, to create an interest in geology and appreciation for nature.

What we expect from you
- Ask lots of questions
- Complete the exercise successfully
- Have fun during the tour
- Tell others about it
- Summarise your experience in a note and send it back to me at the email address above. This will be included in the website.


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