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{short description of image}, Andrew Alden, from {short description of image}, reviewed the "Destination Miri ..." CD and the work we are doing in preserving our outcrops and had the following comments...

Touring the Earth

A particularly far-reaching example is to be found in Malaysia, in its province of Sarawak on the island of Borneo. In Sarawak's national parks are enormous caverns and dramatic examples of karst land and mud volcanoes as well as world-class tropical forests. But northern Sarawak was built on petroleum, too, and the city of Miri preserves its original oil well in a park on Canada Hill. The combination of geologic forces that created this area and its resources is like nothing in the whole western hemisphere.

A geologist and a software firm have collaborated on a CD tour of this region that doesn't skimp on these tourist attractions, yet it includes much geological detail, including outcrop diagrams and stratigraphic sections, that will have the family geologist out of the car and onto the rocks. If you have any interest in this region, the CD will serve as both a foretaste and a memento of your visit.

The producers of the Sarawak CD are taking their geo-tourism a step further, with a proposal to turn some significant localities into "outcrop museums." By educating both visitors and local tour guides about the rich geologic underpinnings of northern Sarawak, the producers hope "to help proliferate the knowledge, understanding, appreciation and enthusiasm for these rocks and for the environment around us."

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