The Miri Geological Outcrops Museum Project

Miri Airport Road Outcrop
{short description of image} Preserve key geological outcrops in and around Miri
{short description of image} Make these easily accessible & provide appropriate information
{short description of image} Encourage educational tours for schools, tourists, public
{short description of image}Work with appropriate bodies (MMC) for sustainability
{short description of image} Link with tour operators, added attractions for Miri
{short description of image} Link with institutes of higher learning
Group pix with Tan Sri & YB Lee
Group picture with
Tan Sri Dr George Chan
and YB Lee Kim Shin
2002 Working Group
Group pix with Tan Sri & YB LeeGroup pix with Tan Sri & YB Lee
Top pict. L-R: Lee Bor Seng, Sim Ko Sin, Norzita Mat Fiah, Philip Lesslar
Bot. pict. L-R Front: Norzita Mat Fiah, Lee Bor Seng. Standing: Philip Lesslar, Anthony Yeo
2004 Working Group
The 2004 Workgroup
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Original Proposal Timeline of activities to date Canada Hill Outcrop Tg.Lobang seacliff space Airport Road Outcrop Progress status 1 Progress status 2 Student Visit Oct'00 GSM 2000 KL Additional Work to be done

{short description of image} February 2004 : Students from SMK Lopeng Tengah, Miri.
{short description of image} June 2002 : Petroleum Technology students from Norway
Nov 2001 : 2nd National Heritage Geology Conference, Langkawi.
{short description of image} November 2001 : Youth Adventure Camp Excursion
{short description of image} November 2001 : Youth Camp Excursion
{short description of image} 31 March 2001 : Excursion for SMK St Columba students and teachers
{short description of image} 17 March 2001 : Excursion for SMK Riam students and teachers

February 2001: Received some pictures from Wouter vd Zee on the Airport Road outcrop and Tanjong Lobang.

This project, which started in 1998, is being carried out by a group of volunteers (Charlie Lee, Mario Wannier, Philip Lesslar, Lim Min Teong, Danny Soo and Richard Teo). The initial proposal covers 3 outcrops, the Airport Road Outcrop, the Tanjong Lobang Seacliff and Canada Hill.

Because this concept of preserving outcrops is new and in order to progressively learn from experience, it was decided together with the Miri Municipal Council to proceed first with 1 outcrop. The Miri Airport Road was chosen as this was the most interesting geologically as well as being the most accessible.

Progress to date has been very good as can be seen from the various sections described here. There is certainly a lot more work that needs to be done to make this a successful effort. Getting the posters installed at the site and the footpath constructed is only the first step. Creating the awareness in the public and the interest to learn new things fro the site will be the next challenge.

We took our first group of secondary school students for a tour of the outcrop and it was a very enjoyable experience.

We have presented this work at the Geological Society of Malaysia Petroleum Conference in Kuala Lumpur in November and received very good interest and encouraging feedback.

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