The Miri Geological Outcrops Museum Project - A Proposal (Q1,1999)

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Project Team: Charlie Lee, Danny Soo, Lim Min Teong, Mario Wannier, Philip Lesslar and Richard Teo

The geology in and around Miri is extremely interesting and varied. Out of the geological field work done by Mario Wannier and subsequently by Mario and myself in developing the multimedia CD this site describes, came the idea of preserving some of these excellent geological exhibits to help proliferate the knowledge, understanding, appreciation and enthusiasm for these rocks and for the environment around us.

CONCEPT Interesting geological sites in Miri can be utilised for educational purposes and for tourism.

TARGET GROUP Students, tourists and the interest public. Students in and around Miri and other parts of Sarawak will benefit tremendously by learning about geology, the petroleum industry and how it has/will help to shape the past and future of Miri and Sarawak. Tourists on transit to Mulu, Niah, Brunei, Sabah and business trip visitors (Shell, Petronas, contractors) may be attracted to stay one to two days (or more) in Miri instead of just using Miri as a transit point to other locations.

PROPOSED SITES There are numerous interesting geological sites in and around Miri. The following sites, see Figure 1, are selected based on their geological contents and its relevance to Miri as an oil town and Resort City 2005. The sites are prioritised into Phase I and Phase II developments:

Phase I (1999-2000) Canada Hill, Airport Road Outcrop and Tanjong Lobang Seacliffs.
Phase II (2000-2001) Entulang Outcrop, Ngebol Mud Volcanoes and Tanjong Tusan Seacliffs.

{short description of image} Canada Hill, Miri Outcrop Museum Site 1
{short description of image} Airport Road Outcrop, Miri Outcrop Museum Site 2
{short description of image} Tanjong Lobang, Miri Outcrop Museum Site 3

Potential positive impacts of the proposed Outcrop Museum concept on the tourism industry in Miri are:
{short description of image} Additional attractions for the globally increasing eco-tourism industry. These attractions provide important information to augment understanding of the world class national parks of Mulu, Niah and Lambir.
{short description of image} This opportunity will help create a demand for better-trained and knowledgeable tour guides. This is in turn will benefit the state tourism industry in the long term.
{short description of image} More tourists and longer stays.
{short description of image} It represents an aggressive and positive step towards realising the vision of Miri Resort City 2005.
{short description of image} This concept, if implemented successfully, can be used as model for the development of other geological sites in the state/country for eco-tourism purposes. The following is a set of slides that give an overview of the project.


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