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Geological Excursions around Miri, Sarawak

- Unique field guide to Miri & adjacent areas

- Covers geological history & conservation

- Full-colour, hardcover book of 279 pages

- Richly illustrated with pictures &maps

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Key Features of the book :

- Full colour with hundreds of maps, illustrations and pictures combined

- Detailed geological maps and sections with guidelines for visiting outcrops

- Hard cover, convenient size - easy to carry and robust guidebook

- 279 pages


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Geological Excursions around Miri, Sarawak

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A full colour, hard-cover book of 279 glossy pages, richly illustrated, written by 6 professional geoscientists from industry and academia.

Mario Wannier, Philip Lesslar, Charlie Lee, Han Raven, Rasoul Sorkhabi, Abdullah Ibrahim

The comprehensive content covers in particular the geological evolution of Northern Sarawak and demonstrate the relationship between the spectacular outcrops around Miri and the oil field underneath.

It is as much a guidebook for field excursions, a reference publication on the Miri oil field, as a book introducing and demonstrating how the preservation of geological outcrops is being done.

The rapid development of Miri over the last century is due to a large extent to the oil found and produced under the city, in the Miri Field. This oil discovery a century ago marked the birth of the oil industry in Malaysia.

The book starts with a general introduction to an area where the Malaysian petroleum industry was born. The history of the century-old Miri oil field is described with the help of yet unpublished data on pioneer naturalists and scientists and is illustrated with historical pictures from the archives of Sarawak Shell Berhad.

Taking the oil field as a grounding element, the geology of Northern Sarawak is introduced, its evolution through the last 65 million years is sketched, and the petroleum geology of the field is placed within its context. This chapter presents a synthesis based on new data and concepts, and includes many original illustrations. A large number of excursions are described in great detail, which we hope will prove satisfying to people curious in natural history, students and professional geologists.

With the help of specially designed maps, outcrop logs, pictures and interpretative drawings, the outcrops are described in detail. This includes 9 outcrops and temporary exposures around Miri Hill and some 20 outcrops around Lambir Hills; in addition, excursions are described to the mud volcanoes at Ngebol, and to spectacular quarries in neighbouring Brunei. A geological description of the caves in the National Parks of Niah and Mulu is also included.

The rich and excellently preserved fossil fauna from coastal outcrops near Miri is illustrated here for the first time and the location of the corresponding geological sections is described with maps. Tektites that resulted from a meteoric crash some 750,000 years ago are also described and illustrated with yet unpublished pictures. Such a rich geological heritage needs preservation, and the book covers the efforts in Miri, that led to the designation of the first protected geological site in Sarawak.

The book is complemented by a comprehensive glossary of geological terms and a bibliography.

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