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We focus on Eco- and Geo-Tourism aspects of the environment around us, using multimedia to bring our readers closer to nature or, for those who have visited the area, simply to have a convenient collection of relevant information that help relive the experience.


Future products

Atlas of Geological Depositional Environments

A CD covering a comprehensive range of depositional settings found today and linking these to illustrative pictures and explanations. The perfect companion to serious students and workers of depositional environments.


Workbook on the Miri Airport Road Outcrop

Suitable for the nature lover or for use in undergraduate programs, this workbook uses the reference material in our Geology of the Miri Airport Road CD, in a set of exercises designed to provide insight into the depositional setting and fault dynamics of this geological exposure.


Destination Mulu - A Geological Tour of the Mulu Caves of Sarawak, Malaysia

A multimedia CD that will allow you to understand the Caves in detail, integrating geological details into present day nature, and providing a unique perspective into a World Heritage Site.


Destination Miri - A Geological Tour Version 2

Update of our best seller multimedia CD using the latest multimedia technologies, immersive pictures and new video segments, updated data and GPS locations making outcrops easier to find.




Geological Excursions around Miri, Sarawak

Dreamweaver CS3In 1910, the commercial discovery of oil in Miri led to the birth of the petroleum industry in Sarawak, and later in Brunei. The book retraces the history of the Miri Oil Field and describes a number geological excursions in and around Miri. It is richly illustrated and written in a way so as to be of interest to a wide audience. Chapters include: The History of an Oilfield, the Geology of Miri, Lambir National Park, Niah Caves, Mulu Caves, Fossil Localities, Mud Volcanoes and more. US$ 38.00

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The Geology of the Miri Airport Road Outcrop

Dreamweaver CS3The Miri Airport Road outcrop is presented on your PC through a wealth of drawings, maps and 3-dimensional diagrams, high resolution pictures and full-circle panoramas. The 19 panoramas allow an exploration of virtually all corners of the outcrop. Step by step, picture by picture, the path of some 20 faults can be followed throughout the outcrop.

Key features: 19 immersive 360 degree panoramas, over 400 high resolution pictures, animated diagrams, comprehensive explanations, palinspastic reconstruction of the main faults, picture overview of Miri. US$18.00

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Destination Miri - A Geological Tour

Dreamweaver CS3Our multimedia title "Destination Miri-A Geological Tour. Northern Sarawak's National Parks and Giant Caves". This CD will take you on a virtual geological tour through the rainforests of the northern part of Sarawak, Malaysia's largest state, and help you discover the most grandiose cave system on Earth. You can visit the giant caves of Mulu and Niah National Parks, see active mud volcanoes in the lowland jungle areas near Lambir National Park or make a detour to look at the fossils at Auban on the coast. US$25.00

Receipient of the 1999 Malaysian PIKOM IT award "Multimedia CD Title of the Year 1999". More details.....